Mechanic V90E Voice Broadcast Digital Multimeter

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Mechanic V90E Voice Broadcast Digital Multimeter


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Mechanic V90E Voice Broadcast Digital Multimeter

This series of meters is a high-reliability digital multimeter with stable performance and battery driven.
The meter use a 26mm high LCD display with clear readings, backlight display and overload protection functions make it more convenient to use.
This series of meters can measure the effective value and average value of DC voltage and AC
voltage, DC current and AC current, resistance, capacitance, transistor, frequency, temperature, diode/on-off automatic identification test, intelligent voice reporting, high-voltage diode Output
measurement. It provides 1V higher voltage than the traditional diode measurement, which makes it easier for maintenance personnel to measure a variety of LED, and has been awarded the "Excellent Chinese Electronic Products"

1. General Characteristics.
1-1 Display, liquid crystal display (LCD).
1-2 Maximum display: 1999 (3 1/2) bits Automatic polarity display.
1-3 Measurement: double integral A / D conversion.
1-4 Sampling rate: about 3 times per second.
1-5. Overrange display: the most significant bit was "OL".
1-6.Low voltage display: "Es" symbol appears.
1-7.Working environment: (0 ~ 40) ° C, relative humidity <80%.
1-8. Power supply: 9V.
1-9. Volume (size): 184 90 46 nm (LWH).
1-10. Weight: about 320g (including 9V battery).
1-11.Attachment: a manual, a certificate, a box, a pair of pen, K-type thermocouple.

2. Technical characteristics
2-1 Accuracy (reading data of a%+ least significant digits), guaranteed accuracy environment temperature: (23.5) °C., Relative humidity <75%.

Weight 560.00 gm
Length 22.00 cm
Width 18.00 cm
Height 8.00 cm

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