Mechanic MK1 Universal Fixture

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Mechanic MK1 Universal Fixture


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Mechanic MK1 Universal Fixture

The Mechanic MK1 is a versatile, mobile repair fixture designed for efficient and precise mobile device repairs. With its innovative design and compact form factor, it ensures stability during intricate repairs. Perfect for technicians, it offers a wide range of adjustments and compatibility with various mobile models, making it an indispensable tool for any mobile repair workshop.

  • 1. 50mm distance clamping area.
  • 2. Supporting various mainboard I chip clamping.
  • 3. Automatically fixed in the middle/damping turntable.
  • 4. Rotate 360 degrees / multi-workplaces working.
  • 5. For the irregular shape of the motherboard clamping is more reliable.
  • 6. 32mm motherboard clamping area universal various motherboards.
  • 7. It can be placed the base on the microscope and desk or another workplace.
Weight 500.00 gm
Length 15.00 cm
Width 10.00 cm
Height 10.00 cm

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